2 Android Next Up questions

  • 4 February 2019
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I can't seem to find a way to just clear the entire Next Up on Android. It tends to build up, and so I want to clear it so I can start over.

Also, how do I get it to default to NOT auto-play.

7 replies

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Hi. To clear your 'Next Up' you just need to play something else, like an album, and it will replace the list with the new one. If you do this rather than going to the menu and clicking 'Add to Next Up' then you shouldn't get so much of a build-up.

For autoplay, if you scroll to the very bottom of the play queue, there is a toggle that you can switch off.

Hope this helps!
@Carrie Hall
So then no, there is no specific button or what not that will just clear the Next Up queue.

Situation: I'm listening to track, but I want to clear the queue so I can add more and have them be the next up. I find when I add something to Next Up, it's put at the end of the Next Up queue, which does make sense. But I'm already listening to something and want to clear it out so I can add things fresh to the Next Up.

For Auto-Play, did you read that I wanted the DEFAULT to be off? It's clear how to turn it off. But when I open up the App fresh each time, it starts up with that enabled. Why isn't there an option to change the default startup to be disabled? I understand many people will want the setting to be enabled, but I don't see how difficult it would be to add something under App Settings to let us change the default behavior to be disabled.
@Carrie Hall
I also just found, when I just turned off Station Autoplay, the on Next Up, the "From your stream" section remained, instead of being cleared/removed like I expected. I recall seeing it do that previously, leaving nothing but what I had manually added.
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Thanks for the update. Unfortunately the play queue has not had a lot of love recently and there are definite improvements that we could make. For the 'Added by you' section (and other sections), you can swipe right on the section header and it will remove the whole section, so hopefully that will help towards keeping your queue a bit cleaner. Regarding the autoplay toggle, we're having some internal discussions right now about the intended behaviour so please bear with us and we'll get back to you.
thanks a lot

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@Carrie Hall
So neat I can wipe out the whole "Added by you", which is handy. However, won't completely solve my issue.

The auto-play, nice to hear you're having some internal discussions, so hopefully this gets pulled into the discussion. In general, I'm a fan of giving people MORE customization, than less. Especially where it's possible to manually make a change. MUCH better experience when I can set those parameters as my personalized defaults.
@Carrie Hall
Additional thing I'm noticing, I have Station Autoplay set to OFF, and listening to something under Added By Me, but when I look at the Next Up after some time, all of a sudden there's From Your Stream tracks added. Why? I have Autoplay Off? IMO this shouldn't be happening. Please make a note and bring it into your discussions of the Next Up functionality.