Android 8.0 Galaxy S8+ Cracking Popping audio

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I'm having the same issue. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and have had issues post the recent Andriod update. It only occurs when I'm using wired headphones as opposed to wireless/Bluetooth headphones. I've tried clearing the cache and changing the app permissions (i.e. granting storage access) with no luck...any other suggestions? These issues aren't occurring on other music apps (spotify etc.).
@Rush well, my initial solution did the trick temporary. afterwards the issue popped up again, what I did is uninstall and install the app again, which didn't do any good, except brake the passive mode... and afterwards what I did in order to solve the issue on wired headphones (bluetooth works fine) is I kinda play with the toggle application button on android 9 and swipe up to remove the app from active apps, afterwards the cracking noises remain, and I repeat the procedure 2nd time, play with the toggle application button (swipe right) and then swipe up. usually on the second time I swipe right the toggle application scroll and swipe up, to remove the application from active applications, the cracking noises are completely gone. I know this sounds kinda weird way to remove it, but it works on my end. my guess is something is wrong with the android 9 build, conflicting with soundcloud and wired devices
@s2501 thanks for the tips. I just tried that, but unfortunately doesn't seem to do too much for me. Hopefully a more permanent solution is made soon!
after going through all available settings and connections, what solved my issue on SoundCloud release 2019.03.04:
Settings --> Apps and notifications --> Soundcloud app --> Permission --> Storage access granted

... guessing Soundcloud depends on the storage buffering and Android blocks the buffering, which causes losing data along the way, therefore cracking noises

This worked, thanks.
Tried this, doesnt work for me
HHave the same problem here on a Note 9
Static, crackling happens to me too on Samsung S8 after Android Pie update, tried the storage permissions trick.
same issue here..I've done all what you did to fix it but the noises continued..
it's on my Galaxy Note9.
Wife has just bought a new Galaxy S8 and what do you know - she's getting 'crackling' and it is driving her insane. She is a heavy SoundCloud user (makes music, listens to a lot of music too, etc) so this is something that really matters to her.

I have tried helping her and reading anything and everything I can, but there doesn't seem to be a way to fix this.

Is it really possible that SoundCloud still hasn't - at least - acknowledged this? Apparently, all it takes is to get a Samsung Galaxy S8 and use SoundCloud app in order to reproduce it.

SoundCloud - any chance you could spare some money and get an S8, huh?
Why is this issue labeled as Resolved? It's a persisting problem that needs to be addressed. I have been a long term premium member, and have received some of the worst services on this platform then any other. Aside from charging membership fees for a flawed service, is soundcloud bot worried about legal repercussion? As an audio engineer I can say that listening to music with this kind of distortion is VERY damaging to you're hearing. I will cancel my subscription and never look back. Im sorry soundcloud. But am very disappointed...
@Milos PesicI have the same issue everyone else is reporting. My phone is the Galaxy S8 with the latest OTA update from AT&T (Android software and Samsung firmware). I was using the latest public update (and the one before that which I updated from(which had the issue)) then switched to the beta version, and still have the crackling and popping sound. It's so bad, I really can't listen to anything. This is quite disturbing to me as I've been using SoundCloud on my PC and phone app over the past six years and have never had anything close to this. I just don't get it honestly, it's 2019 and how is this such an issue (or is it)? I mean the only logical explanation would be that this is a ploy to upgrade to the paid version, which I'm sad to say I would do if that would fix it. The latter is me being facetious. Please fix this soon. The issue here is of paramount importance to SoundCloud itself. It's a big deal.
I have a Note 8 and this is and has always been an issue. Not only that, the issue occurs with just about any app that has anything to do with audio. Android simply can't do low latency audio regardless of the hardware. There seems to be zero desire to fix the issue either. This is exactly why IOS has a huge up to date library of music production applications and Android has next to nothing. You would think those involved in development would be interested in bringing in revenue. The application developers are not at fault here. They have little to work with. Until Android gets low latency kernel level drivers I don't see this fixed, and Android will get it's ass handed to it in this respect.
How can this be marked solved if the issue has no solution? @SoundCloud Community Support
Same problem here. (Galaxy S8)
Yep, S8+ and still having the issue, still haven't found a solution
Same here and I just switched phones to the galaxy s8+
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@Carrie Hall do we have any insights into this?

@everyone else: If you haven't done so yet, please consider joining the Android beta program. More info about this available here.
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Hi @Mathis + others,

We've identified an issue with crackling on tracks which seems to be specific to Samsung devices only. We're working on a fix, and we appreciate all your patience whilst we roll it out.

+1 to joining the beta - we often test bug fixes there before rolling out to everyone.
Would you look at that took a year but we have an official answer above
This needs a fix, BADLY. I'm a music producer. I rely on this stuff. I'll beta test. Whatever. It's been a year.
Pproblem still persists, galaxy s9+.
This needs a fix asap, or people (including me) will jump ship, which is a pain.
Still happens randomly to this day on S8 with the latest version of Android and it's super infuriating. I'm gonna need a working music app this summer and Spotify is looking more and more tempting. This is has been going on for years, not sure why it's marked as resolved.
Note 8. Still an issue. What a mess. Please fix the app. Why the hold up? Work faster @Carrie Hall took app developers a year to find it was a problem on Samsung phones!? I could have told you that. You ask for us to be patient? Rly?
Issue has been fixed, galaxy s9+ as of last update.
Thank you soundcloud.