Android App deleted all my Download Offline songs after logging out, need to file a complaint/bug report to SoundCloud

  • 2 January 2018
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I'm a GO+ Subscriber, primarily for the Offline access to Liked songs. The Android App is bugged and literally deleted my Likes (the downloads) after logging out (I accidentally force logged out after a password change). If this is not a bug then it is absolutely unacceptable, I became a subscriber just to save data and this almost defeats any purpose of saving data!

Not everyone has no data cap on their wifi like I do, and even then my wifi is quite slow so forcing a user to redownload their Liked songs just because they logged out is absurd.

SoundCloud's "Contact Us" message is very vague and just says "we'll contact you when updates are available" they obviously do not care about responding to a significant issue in a timely manner; I know they have had to downsize though.

Again if this is a bug, how would I go about contacting the developers?

1 reply

Currently traveling overseas.. And went SoundCloud+go for the ability to listen offline. And I went to use it while I was on a train and boom, everything I had saved is gone.

Not to mention tracks I had saved offline for some reason have become unavailable. Without any further information. I can't listen to the track. I can understand that the android application might need more work. But it's clearly not worthy of the amount that they are asking for monthly.

It needs a lot attention. Even if you could sent information report and they try and help....