Android App Does not Remember Location

  • 1 June 2017
  • 3 replies

Hi All, huge issue I'm having with the Android app. Anytime I start listening to my liked tracks or playlists it starts over from the top of the playlist. I Bluetooth to my car throughout the day and want to pickup where I left off previously. Any solution for this?

Google Music has no issue with this. It remembers where I left off in a song or playlist that I was listening to and resumes from there.

3 replies

I've the same issue. On my case I listen to a playlist of lectures and is very annoying to find where I stoped.
It seems to happen when I turn of my car/sound when still listening or when I pause the audio from the push menu with the phone still connected with bluetooth.
When I want to start hearing again the audio don't starts, like if not connected to the internet, so I need to force close the app and start over again.
If I unlock my phone and pause directly on the app it doesn't happens.
I have this problem also! I think they have spent most of their time optimising the IOS version of the app...
Same here. However it started when i switched back to my old s6. My s7 seems to not have this issue.