Android app : sorting results by date. What is the impediment ??

  • 1 March 2018
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Impossible to file a ticket on Help Center. goes to (so to the same) when I submit. Something is really needed and missing in the app compared to the web version, it's the possibility to sort search results by date, I mean upload dates of the tracks.

It's impossible to see what's recently created about something or someone as the upload date is displayed only if you play the track (so each track !) to reach its "complete" option menu including "Info". It's nowhere in the track's option menu available in the list of search results.

So there I could get "Info" one by one, not so bad but the simpliest thing would be to sort this list by date or if it's really unplanned, to show upload dates below the tracks titles in this list of results.

I hope you'll consider the suggestion, I use Soundcloud for years and faced plenty of miracles thanks to it but this problem makes the app which is complete and well done a frustrating way to explore.

Moderator Mathis said 2 years ago to the community like it's the way it has to be, hidden complete options list included. Sorry but no. Sorting a list by date exists since pc exist and is possible in the Soundcloud web version since the beginning.

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