Android Auto Support

  • 7 November 2016
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There have been several people asking for Android Auto support, and they just made it available to all Android phones:

Please make it compatible, I'd rather subscribe to something that works with it over Soundcloud go.


24 replies

Response I received from SoundCloud -

"Thank you for writing in and for your interest in SoundCloud on Android Auto.

I'm afraid this kind of information is confidential and cannot be disclosed at the moment.

We hope you understand.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

Have a great day,
the SoundCloud Team."

Hopefully that means they are working ion it.. or in the process of being purchased by Google.. 😉
Thank you very much for the information! Hope Soundcloud for Android Auto will come soon! Greetings
I would love to see this feature as well!
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My Cloud Radio for Siund loud supprts Android Auto and Tv
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My Cloud Radio for Soundcloud supprts Android Auto and Tv
Doesn't sync with my SoundCloud account. but i do see your music there Cucko haha
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Doesn't sync with my SoundCloud account. but i do see your music there Cucko haha
Get the latest 1.2.2 from Play Store. The bugs are fixed, and User Playlists and Genres are added.
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Please have an authentic Android Auto support for Soundcloud... I hate it that I have to still use my phone to interface my stream and favourites.
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Pretty ridiculous if it is not being worked on. As a paid/free service similar to Spotify, this would hurt SC to not adopt Android Auto. It is infuriating that I cannot listen to SoundCloud while I'm using Android Auto/Maps, etc. Bluetooth media streaming gets disabled as soon as I enter android auto, so it can't even play in the background.
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Here is a workaround if anyone is interested. It just streams the audio and notification panel (of any app playing music) to Android Auto, but it beats listening to the radio when I need navigation.
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Still no Android Auto support ... Pfft
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We have year 2018. Android Auto launched 2015 and soundcloud is still sleeping. That isn't the way how we germans should do our work!!!
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Please add android auto please i dont understand why we need to use third party apps to listen to soundcloud.
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We need android auto support for Soundcloud please make it happen!!!!
I wonder who will make it to AA first, soundcloud or mixcloud🤔
Even Apple Music has added Android Auto support, wish SoundCloud would atleast put it on their roadmap.
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We want android auto native support!
When will SoundCloud start supporting Android Auto? I use SC in my car every day, but it's not safe to use soundcloud outside of android auto.

Not supporting Android auto is bad!!
Yes, please! This feature is a must.
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Those of you who want Android Auto support, keep making new topics about it!!! Make new ones weekly, or daily, until SOMETHING is done.
At this point it's getting to be ridiculous. I'm shelling out almost $20/month for all the features, and I can't even use basic functionality while driving.

As a proof of concept, I made a basic audio-player app for Android with basic playback features (pause, skip, reverse, repeat) which took a couple weeks, and then added the Android Auto support, which took A WEEK.

Granted, SoundCloud is likely miles more complex than my test app, but the process of adding Android Auto was dead simple. All you need is implement basic functions at the bare minimum. If you could at least give us play/pause, skip, reverse, and repeat functions, with the album art in the background or something, it'd be actually usable.

Anyway, long story short, if you want Android Auto, be persistent, and make new threads about it, comment on existing ones, generate a lot of buzz and demand this feature be implemented. We, the users deserve to have this (especially the paying ones) so don't feel bad blowing up their support feeds with this.
Any updates on this? A huge chunk of the time I spend listening to tracks on SoundCloud is done in the car, and I'm finding that the lack of an Android Auto app is forcing me to use competitor Spotify (which has an Android Auto app) more and more. In order to stay competitive, SoundCloud NEEDS to add Android Auto and Carplay support.

Listen to your users, or you will lose them to competitors. Add this ASAP!
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I think that only 1 Star Ratings, with an specific comment in the PlaySore, will help to get this.
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I've ask in the Google+ Group "SoundCloud Android Public Beta Group" an recieved an answer which doesn't make me really happy.
The Mod "Nassima Said" replied to my question for Android Auto Support.
Currently, we don't have plan to support Android Auto in the near future. Once we do, we will communicate that with our community. Thanks
ok. back to spotify then. i dont understant there viewpoint on the matter