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  • 9 January 2019
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Can we PLEASE get support for Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay soon? I'm paying almost $20/month to use all of your services, and use SoundCloud almost exclusively for listening to and finding music. The lack of support for the two car systems is making listening to music in the car not possible for me. Any call or text I receive while playing SoundCloud interrupts my music, and I am unable to return to it without manually selecting the song on my phone again (which is not safe to do while driving).

I really don't want to pay for another subscription service like Spotify just so I can control my music while driving. I just feel this integration wouldn't take more than a couple weeks for a couple developers, or up to a month if you only put one person on it, but man would this really improve a lot of people's experience with listening to SC while driving.

Please, please, PLEASE make this happen soon!

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