Android: each time I start the app I need to relogin

  • 11 April 2018
  • 2 replies

Each time I start the app on my Android phone I need to relogin. Very often I get notified that my subscription has ended (which is not true) and it forgets all the downloaded tracks.

On my Android tablet I don't see this issue. I've already tried to reinstall the app for no good.

What should I do?

2 replies

Solved! WTF SoundCloud??? Are U Serious??? I needed to reset my password with "forgot password" link to make it work.
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Hi daccle,

Hmm, I would have thought installing the app on the internal storage of your phone (vs. an SD card) makes the difference. Thanks for sharing the solution w/ the community, I'll pass on your feedback to the product team.