Android troubleshooting

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Hi everyone,

Sometimes, the Android app might not work the way you want it to. This can have multiple root causes.

Android provides a number of troubleshooting steps to check & see if the issue can be sorted out.

Here are a few basic maintenance steps to try on your device in order to fix this.
  1. Sign out of the app.
  2. Force stop it by going to your Application Manager and clicking 'Force Stop'.
  3. Under this menu also click 'Clear Cache'.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Open the app and log in again.

If none of these steps help to sort out the issue, please try deleting the app, restart the device once again, and download the app from the Google Play store again. Please note that content that you had previously synced for offline listening will have to be downloaded again after reinstalling the app.

Still not working? In that case we kindly ask you to join our Android beta program. This way you'll be using our most current builds, and you can submit a crash report directly to our mobile engineers if things don't work as planned.

I hope this helps!


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Sometimes I'm having trouble when I listen my the songs on the App, it hangs up and it also sometimes cuts the music sequence. Please fix the app and readjustments.
thank you
Hi Ive been signed out of my account on the android app and now I can't sign back in. It says can't sign you in right now try again later. My email address and password is correct because I can sign in with no problems on the laptop. Why is this happening

Hello, for the past month my SoundCloud app will load the first it's open after restarting my phone but every time I come back to it after that, the content doesn't load.

It's really annoying and I pay for SoundCloud Go+

I will stop paying and switch to Spotify if this continues. Please fix this
Lately (for the past week or so) I have noticed that when playing sounds on SoundCloud android app (Samsung Galaxy S6), the progress bar freezes - the actual playback continues as normal, but the progress bar does not move forward. I can scroll forward and backward normally, but once I release the scroller and playback continues, the progress bar just shows the timestamp of when the playback continued (e.g. I scroll to 25:38 in the sound/podcast, the playback starts from 25:38, but the scrollbar just keeps on showing 25:38 and not moving forward).

Is this an isolated incident or some more general bug? I have done a forced shut down of the app and restarted it, but the problem persists.
Hi everyone.
SoundCloud stops in the middle of the song while it's in background. Not the app but the playing. Is there someone else experiencing the same problem?

Is this the right way to report bugs or errors?