Android user? Want to become a tester?

  • 27 May 2015
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Did you know we have an Android Beta Community? Follow this link to join and be the first to test latest releases, new features and bug fixes. Give direct feedback to the Android team and help us build a better app.

Beta Community Rules:
  1. Keep it positive
  2. Post in relevant categories
  3. No spam/ self promotions
Happy Android-ing :)

Gina & Mathis

7 replies

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is there anything similar for iOS?
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Unfortunately no, we'd love to but functionality of hosting a beta community with iOS is not as easy as with Android.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Some songs and podcasts are cut in length in android app.

Recently my android app has started cutting down some of my liked songs and podcasts. More specifically a song by Hellberg - The Girl (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) usually lasts 4:25, but the app says it's only 2:16 when I start playing it. Also a podcast by Welcome To NightVale, episode 70B named 'Review' should last 30:39, but it only plays 20:59. The problems do not occur in my browser, so it must be app specific. I have tried clearing the cache and uninstalling/reinstalling several times. Don't know how extensive the problem is yet but I have noticed these two and it is driving me nuts. Any suggestions as to what to do from here?
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I have installed android app version 15.06.23-release on my Xperia L device running on android version 4.2.2.

The problem is that the app stops playing the track after a few seconds. If i seek forward the app shows a white screen and quits. The same happens if I wait for it to play after it stops or slide to the next track. If I seek backwards the app plays the track upto the point where it had stopped previously.

Whats really frustrating is that this behaviour is not consistent , some tracks play just fine.

I have tried reinstalling , logging out and signing in again clearing cache etc

Please provide a solution or at least let me know what is wrong.

Thank You
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I made a post about this exact problem before but it still hasn't been fixed. My problem is that when i add new songs to my pirmarary playlist IM BANJO (great name isn't it :P) and I check the playlist late ron my phone (Nexus5) the playlist hasn't updated and still only contains the songs from before.
And example is of the two screenshots here from my older iphone 4s wich for some reason did update my songs and my nexus 5 in the exact same playlist.

I became a tester and have the beta installed but my issue is still there 😞
What about an iOS beta app in TestFlight? Lol