Android widget is actually 5x2, but should be 5x1.

  • 11 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I reckon android widget size is broken. In widget add menu it looks like 5x1, but then it appears is 5x2 (2 rows) and it looks weird. Other players' widgets(for example Pulse) appear in standard way 5x1 or 4x1.
Will there be a fix for that? Coz for now soundcloud widget takes a lot of space on my screen.
Tested: Android 8.1 and 9

2 replies

I'd love a fix for this as well. Having the exact same issue on my Motorola One Vision. The Widget looks wonky and bloated.
Asked about this issue on 4pda and guys helped me to workaround this problem.
  1. Go Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Display Size
  2. Change display size to Small
  3. Go to your home screen and add soundcloud widget (it will be 4x1, a bit shorter, but only 1 row)
  4. Go back to Display Size and change it back to medium (or your size)
Soundcloud widget will remain 4x1. At least something.

Also, you can install another launcher (like Nova or CPL) and set up your screen more carefully.

Attached image, so you can compare default and small one versions of the widget.