App Displaying Current Song Incorrectly

  • 24 February 2018
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So, on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus using the latest available Google Play Store version of the app(for me at least), version 2018.02.14-release (Flipper version 1.3.6), after starting the app after having it closed, it displays the first song I play in my notifications and on my lock screen even after the song is done and in some cases skipped (from my notification bar).

The only way I've found I can get it to update to the correct song that works every time is by going to the app and pausing then unpausing the song. Sometimes skipping the song works as well, but not every time.

I'm like 90% sure this is a bug and not user error because I have every notification enabled, and my other music apps don't do this. However, I couldn't find a bug report page or anything of the sort.

If anyone does have a solution though, please let me know. This is super annoying when I'm driving and I can't see what song is actually playing on my car's display or the phone itself.

12 replies

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If nobody replies to this I'm going to repost it again, because it's almost been two weeks and this shouldn't be a hard problem to fix...
I am having the exact same issue on my LG G5. I am using version 2018.02.26-release. It is incredibly irritating. Having the ability to see what you are listening to from the lock screen is essential.
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Hi aaron,

Have you tried deleting, restarting your device, then downloading it again from the Google play store? Hopefully, this would sort out any glitches from before. Our support team hasn't received any reports from other users, so it currently looks like this might be specific to your current setup, only we need to figure out the root cause :)

Let the community know how the reinstall went.

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I did that, and it KIND OF fixed the issue. Not completely by any means though. The issue still occurs, just less frequently. As far as I can tell, the issue just happens randomly. Even after deleting the app, restarting the device, and reinstalling the app (several times) the issue will still appear out of the blue. It can be after using the app for a while or right after opening the app.

I uploaded a video displaying the error (sorry for the crappy video quality and the dirty car - it's not my car).
I just got a Galaxy S9+, and can confirm this issue. The track playing according to the notification widget does not update once the track changes -- the Bluetooth connection to my car also does not update the track name.
I also tried using another player. doubletwist since they said it synced with iTunes, but then it never loaded any of the song data. I downloaded MixZing (just picked something that had a good rating and it's showing the cover art correctly. and for the problem related to the powerpoint than do to the and get the help.
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I'm going to repost this as soon as I get home. It shouldn't take this long for a post about a problem that has been verified to be an issue across multiple devices to get help from an official member of the community or employee of SoundCloud.
Ya i have also encoutered the sam problem and contacted geek squad but unable to find the solution. Please help me out in finding a solution.
Same for me, on a galaxy s8

This problem seems to be a difficult problem to me. You can contact the music player customer service or contact Geek squad tech support Australia for help.

@mAriaja123  I have contacted the Geek team, but unable to find the solution to this problem. Even I have contacted Quickbooks tech support team for the suggestion and they advised me to visit the service center because of Geek team charge too much.

@quickbooks021 you are saying the right thing I have also contacted the Geek Squad team but didn't get any response to my problem. I was facing a problem with my Office setup.