App keeps pausing and stopping randomly on android

  • 31 January 2017
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i am unable to get through a single track without the song stopping randomly somewhere during the song. it pauses and the track bar displays 0:00 as if it started over, however most times if i open the app and try to play it again, after a few seconds it will resume playing from where it let off, often times when this happens it seems to skip over the few seconds it missed as it fast forwards through a few seconds of the track before resuming. problem does not exist on computer.Happens whether i am on 4g or wifi. Have tried it with different wifi connections and the same problem persists. i have concluded its a problem with soundcloud its self. i have tried deleting the app, clearing the cache, signing out, and restarting my phone and nothing has worked. i have been with soundcloud for multiple years and this problem didnt start until i got my galaxy s7. i am very passionate about my music as it is a abig part of my life. this problem is incredible frustrating as i simply want to listen to a playlist of my favorite music however i am unable to. would purchase soundcloud GO if i could actually listen to my music. plz help asap. thanks

18 replies

I am having the exact same problem. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app. This is happening on 2 phones that I have. Help.
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Hi there you two,

Sorry to hear you've been having issue with that. Have you restarted your phone between deleting and reinstalling the mobile app? When you do, make sure you know your SIM's PIN (if it has one).

@chillin555 - are you downloading the most recent version of the app to your phone, or are you syncing a version back to your phone via your computer?

Also, is your phone rooted in any sort of way?

Either way, let the community know how this works out for you.

Experiencing same issues while listening with phone on Nightstand.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Verizon.
Running stock OS with current Updates from Verizon.
Phone is NOT Rooted.
Wi-Fi connection for streaming.
Reinstall & Restart have failed to correct the problem.
Installing current SoundCloud App version from Google Play Store.
Issue occurs with assorted streams and even while using phone to keep SoundCloud open and active.
I think your app is affected by battery saver ... depends on vendor but should be able to disable such behavior for each app in settings
Exactly the same problem here 😞
Just letting you know that it seems this is not device related. I have this auto pause issue on my smartphone (Huaweip10) and my Car Dash Android (newsy nu3001). Don't know what happened to my account on android but on the PC everything is fine.

SoundCloud please help, I need you 🙂
I had the exact same issue on Android. @MiL1 was right it was related to battery saver mode. If you go to battery saver settings there is a way to tell it not to apply battery saver to a particular app. I did this for Soundcloud and streaming music again without pause!
For me not 😞 Checked that soundcloud is excluded in battery saving settings....

And it worked before, I didn't make any changes tough...
I had the same problem and I tried stopping different services on my phone and it worked...
The fix for this problem on Android 9 is as follows:
Highlight/long press the SoundCloud app icon.
Hit the "i" icon within the popup
Go to "advanced", the bottom menu
Go to "battery"
There should be an option to enable background battery usage here. This fixed it for me
I'm on the website version and I'm having problems.
The fix for this problem on Android 9 is as follows:
Highlight/long press the SoundCloud app icon.
Hit the "i" icon within the popup
Go to "advanced", the bottom menu
Go to "battery"
There should be an option to enable background battery usage here. This fixed it for me

This worked for me. I think the problem must have been linked to an OS update a couple of weeks ago.
On Android 9 Pie... Battery saver options are not enabled. There is something else causing the app to pause every 1 minute. Sucks. They need to fix this.
Hi, I've got the same problem with Huawei Y6. Sound is crackling just in headphones, without them it plays normally. It's worse by quiet sound, music time to time stops and starts again and changes the loudness. I tried different headphones and no change. I tried some app working with SoundCloud and from it the sound played normally. I tried to switch off battery saver and battery optimalisation and no change. I tried reinstall the app. So it has to be problem by SoundCloud app and using headphones in this kind od Android system. I used the app in different phones and without problems.
I got the same problem, for quite a while. It randomly stops from playback, and even closes. I just changed from a OP3 to a OP6T, and still does it.
I tried the "disable optimization battery" trick, but didn't do anything.
This is still happening on my Samsung S9 (most recent system update from Verizon). Music is pausing at random points in every song I have. I have tried everything that everyone has said so far to fix it but nothing works. Please help
Hah! Same problem here. I was using SC app few years ago and nothing's changed xD
I set everything as I should. Tidal for example is working fine.
This worked for me (samsung galaxy s9):
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Device care
3. Go to Battery
4. Go to three dots in the right upper screen and tap Settings
5. Turn off addaptive battery

Also make sure that:
1. Go to Battery settings (see above action point 3)
2. Go to Soundcloud app
3. Turn off "Put the app to sleep" option