Bad quality streaming

  • 23 March 2019
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All te music that i play with the soundcloud app is bad quality. the music fails every 30 seconds. I pay for soundcloud go, so that's not what i expect to get. If i listening soundcloud online there is no problem. I thought it was a bluetooth problem from my phone that i bought three months ago, but all other app works great. And this problem is since a couple of weeks ago.

I hope to hear from you,

P. V/d burg

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmm, odd! Are you saying on your phone, SoundCloud Go+ tracks are only showing as 30 second previews? Or is the playback seemingly failing after ~30 seconds? (if the first was the case, please check if you are signed in to the right account).

If the latter is the case, basic troubleshooting includes signing out and back in, restarting your device, restarting the app. Or, you can go for a completely fresh start right away and delete the app, restart your phone (important to make sure any old files in the cache are gone), then download it again from the Google Play Store.

Please note that if you have a SoundCloud Go/ SoundCloud Go+ subscription, you will have to re-download your content for offline listening.

If none of this helps, I can only recommend to join our Android Beta group, where you'll have access to the newest builds of the Android app and can submit bug reports straight to the engineers. More info about the program can be found here.

I hope one of these things will fix the app for you.

All the best