Blank profile pages w. Android app

  • 23 April 2018
  • 3 replies

As seen on the picture below, all profiles i'm trying to view are blank, including my own. Reinstalling and clearing data/cache does not help. Anyone else with this issue?

3 replies

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Hmm, very odd! Not entirely sure what's causing this issue to be honest. We also didn't receive a lot of similar reports. Can you see all of your content properly when you sign in on a computer web browser? Please be sure to restart your device between deleting & reinstalling if this issue persists for you.

Indeed! I've deleted the app and restarted the device before reinstalling, no change. The profile page is still blank. Browsing through chrome works, i can see the profiles there. I'm on a Huawei p20 pro (with a notch) if that somehow messes it up. The app on my Samsung galaxy s6 works fine.

Oh and the info page shows up, but i can't scroll down. Instead the "header" and profile picture moves alone leaving a blank area between (picture below).
Solved it. By changing display text size in the android settings from "small" to "standard" the profile pages appear again. Strange but have had stranger bugs.