Bluetooth problems with Honor 9.

  • 18 December 2017
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Hi, i noticed a problem that takes place in the SoundCloud app with Honor 9.
When i try to play tracks via bluetooth in my car, the stream starts in the car display (allowing to see seconds, minutes, name of the track) but with no audio.
I tried to use SoundCloud on browser and it's ok. I thought that was a problem of my smartphone but i downloaded YouTube, Spotify, and other players and everything is right.
There's someone with my same problem? I hope developers will fix this problem. Thanks you.

5 replies

Problem still remains After beta patch of 03-01-2018.
I have the same problem with my honor 8 lite. Can't seem to find a fix anywhere.
Same Problem with the Samsung galaxy Note 8 and Android 8.0. It's so irritating. I will wait 1 or 2 monts longer and then i will try another streaming apps
in general, the app in combination with bluetooth is very slow
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issue with this. Hmm, bluetooth issues are often difficult to pinpoint, and there are limited resources for our engineers to dedicate to this field particularly. One thing that you can try no matter what is to restart both devices, and also try and disconnect, delete the app, restart your device, then download the app again for a fresh start. Maybe this can already help to sort out any glitches from before?

Let the community know how it went.