Bluetooth Streaming STILL not working in Android App on Android 8 (Galaxy S7)

  • 26 March 2019
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Is there any Update? The bluetooth streaming simply does not work with the soundcloud app (but every other).

Best answer by Timur 26 March 2019, 15:10

Looks like it is fixed in the Beta Version 🙂
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2 replies

Looks like it is fixed in the Beta Version 🙂
I am having problems today. Samsung S9, when I try and listen to the soundcloud app over Bose soundlink bluetooth headphones, it plays in silence. This then stops me hearing anything in spotify. The only workaround I've fpund:

Switch off headphones, force stop soundcloud
Turn on headphones, start playing something in spotify.
While the spotify track is still playing, move into the soundcloud app and press play.
You can pause and play soundcloud audio while still in the app, but if you leave the app to look at something else while you've paused it, you need to go back to step one to start the workaround again.

I'm going to delete the app for now, might as well stick to the website or other things that can deal with bluetooth...