Broken phone // playlists and likes lost // laptop and android sync

I was having trouble syncing my samsung S4's likes to my HP laptop.

After not using soundcloud on a computer for a few years, I had downloaded the app onto my phone. I had then liked multiple tracks and playlists.

After a week or two, I signed in on my laptop. Everything seemed fine: I could see tracks which I had liked and playlists which I had saved .(I may have noticed the syncing issue here. I don't remember.)

I used soundcloud for a few months before noticing that tracks and playlists I liked on my phone would not appear on my laptop.

That S4 was smashed. screen was broken and I'm too broke to repair it. I can't see any of the awesome tracks I liked, or the playlists. I really want that information back 😥
It has me emotional how many songs I can't listen to.
There are many tracks which I had liked, and were deleted. But with these tracks I could see their names and look them up on google or youtube. There are so many tracks I loved that I lost when my phone broke. Is there any way for me to get the information back without spending 150 NZ$?

(I have a cheap new phone now. This one syncs properly)
(When I noticed there was a syncing issue I tried to find help on SC's the help center, but couldn't)

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