Bug Report - Crashing on Android 10

  • 19 September 2019
  • 4 replies

Using a Pixel 3 running latest version of Android 10: Whenever an advertisement plays on Soundcloud, my phone locks itself and then the screen continues to flash on and off. Sometimes the phone will fully crash as well and boot into some sort of error message prompting me to choose either:

Try Again
Factory Reset

I choose try again and my phone boots back up. That's pretty much it, thanks.

4 replies

Yes this happens to me too. I am using pixel 3 xl Android 10
Same thing for me on the pixel 3 the only work around I found is to use the old system navigation with the 2 buttons instead of the new gestures, it's really annoying because I actually did like the new gestures but that's the only way it won't make your phone crash, at least for me

Yes, it must be an issue associated with the new navigation system.

Also still having this issue - pixel 3 on Android 10. Would be great to get a fix soon!