can't read last comment

  • 2 August 2018
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I can't scroll down any further:

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You cannot read the last comment because the player is blocking it. I don't really know how to remove the player other than killing the SoundCloud application reopening it and just go straight to your comments section without playing anything. I hope that helps you out!
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it's nice that you are trying to give me a workaround until it's fixed 🙂

this is not about me wanting to specifically read that comment though.
I'm just trying to do the devs the favor of reporting a bug that's likely caused by one of the latest app updates (regression), which now displays the buttons "home, discover, search, likes and settings" at the bottom of the device instead of at the top.

I bet somewhere in the app the distance to bottom is calculated/hardcoded to get the information how far the window is allowed to scroll (maybe even in css, padding-bottom), and that information is now outdated

I would rather like to see this bug fixed, so hopefully this can get forwarded to the devs

Wait the buttons used to be at the top? I've always seen them at the bottom Also, you're welcome it's no problem!
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sounds like you're using the ios app

This was one of the past designs
(not the last one though, that one also had the discover page in the navigation)

The current design has the navigation bar at the bottom like on ios
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Hi there,

Thanks for pointing this out. It doesn't seem to apply to any track. I've forwarded this to our mobile team to investigate. Thanks to Red Prez for providing the workaround, much appreciated!
I think it's now fixed