Can't share songs to Instagram stories

I want to share a song to my Instagram story but I cant. When I press share to Instagram stories it freezes at the Instagram story thing. I can't tap anything but I can exit the app. I am on Android if that helps.

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Same here, it is broken it seems. Was fine a week ago on Android.
Same, when I try to share it it opens my camera instead
Same, when I try to share it it opens my camera instead

I have the same problem. Earlier today I shared a podcast but atm I can't share anything.
Please let me know if there's a way to fix this. Cheers.
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Hi there,

If this is still an issue, please make sure you have the latest versions of both apps installed and restart your phone. We've tested this on an Android device from here, however were not able to reproduce.

Let the community know how it went.
Still having this problem with the newest apps and a Pixel 3 XL.

Any updates on a solution?
Same thing here, Xiaomi A2.

Days ago It used to work fine, but not anymore.
same problem on my Android and ios devices on every servers...with or without VPN..whats the problem????!!!!!!

Both Apps are up to date yet I still cannot share to our stories........ 

Must be an issue eith your app, as I was able to do this 2 months ago with the very same mobile phone of which I am writing this reply with. 


I face the same problem! Last versions of both apps and I use android.

brooooooooooo im having the same problem its been like 2 weeks this is draining how are you guys able to fix this for android? tryna share my music with my pals yknow