Can you upload a sound privately, then get private share link on an android device?

  • 20 October 2015
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There's other posts similar to this, but lots of users seem to be saying it doesn't work yet the questions are marked as "answered"???

I want to upload a track/sound privately on my mobile, then share the private link via mobile browser (a quick and easy way of sharing my sounds from my phone with other artists when I'm away from my laptop, which is a lot of the time). I've tried Firefox and Samsung factory mobile browsers (and both with "desktop view" on and off), but the format of my sc stream on the browser version doesn't allow me to see or share the private link.

Can you please let me know either how I can share a private track on an android device, or if not, why not?



2 replies

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Hi Glen,

Sorry for any confusion from previous conversations, generating a private share link is not a feature on the Android app. To be honest, the 'why' is because we just haven't built it and we don't get a high request for the feature.

What I do is, generate the secret link from my computer and save it in a FB message to myself. That way, I always have it handy to copy and paste to another person. When sharing, the secret link make sure to tell the receiver to open it in the mobile website NOT in the app.

Not exactly the answer I think you were hoping for but maybe the workaround will help you out.

Thanks for replying Gina. As you might guess, going on a computer to generate the share link is kind of my point (ie i want to do this from my phone), and this is what I currently do but I share it to pocket to access it later.

I used to be able to view my sc profile through a mobile browser in desktop view (ie exactly the same view as on a computer, with the private share link available) but at some point sc changed to only letting me see a limited version of my profile (and no longer the private share link).

Do you know why this change happened to the mobile browser view of sc? Or do you know of any mobile browsers that allow you to view your sc profile as you would on a computer web browser? Or is it as simple as you can't use the private share link feature unless you own a computer?