Cannot pause, next or previous in notification area

  • 9 January 2018
  • 2 replies

I can't control the functions of the app from the notification area on my Huawei P10 Plus. When I go to press the button to pause, next song or previous, it is unresponsive. Every update that comes out for the phone or SoundCloud doesn't fix the issue. I'm not sure what it causing it, I'm guessing software glitch or something.

2 replies

Even i have the same problem.. someone please help us..
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this is an issue for you. Please be sure to try and delete the app, restart your device, then download the app again from the Google Play Store. If this also doesn't work, please consider to join our Android Beta program from where you can send reports directly through to our engineers. You can find the program here.