Cannot resume playing after long pause while using bluetooth

  • 6 October 2017
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I have not been able to document the exact time it takes, but when I pause a song in SoundCloud, and then come back to it later, the play button on the bluetooth device and the play button on the app both do nothing. I have to either FWD or back to another song in order to get it to play.

I have tried changing all of the powersaving options, and other suspending features, and have successfully replicated the problem on Galaxy S7, S8 and Nexus 5X.

11 replies

I confirm the issue is reproducing. I have a pair of Skullcandy Uproar and One Plus 3T and everytime I pause for longer period resuming is not working. Pressing play is not working, swiping left or right will sometime play the previous or next song. Pushing the play button on my headset will not resume the song also.
yeah i confirm it too
I can confirm on my old moto z, and my new lg g6 on multiple bluetooth devices. This has been happening for almost a year now.
I also have this issue
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Hi everyone,

Thank you for reporting this. Any chance you've tested this without the bluetooth device but a pair of wired headphones for instance, to see if this makes a difference? This way the root cause can be tracked down to the bluetooth part.

Yes I can confirm the issue does not occur when headphones are used. Thanks
Can confirm this issue, and also that it does not occur with wired headphones/an aux cord. Has been an issue for at least a year, and on multiple Galaxy devices (S7 edge, S8).
Yes it's occurred for as far as I can remember using SoundCloud app on Android for years
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Thanks for following up on this. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee full bluetooth support at this time but I've forwarded your reports to our Android team.

Please consider joining our Android Beta Program in order to submit feedback there. You can do so here:

The issue still exists (and has been for months, if not years!)...

No matter what Bluetooth device I use:
  • BT headphones
  • BT speaker
  • Audi car multimedia unit
No matter what Android device I use:
  • Galaxy S8, Android 8.0
  • Lenovo Tablet, Android 7.1
Soundcloud app has been explicitly whitelisted in any "power saving" settings, so it won't get killed by the system.
This is still an issue and has been happening for years. It happens on both my headphones - Sony WH1000MX2 and Jaybird Tarah Pro. I installed My Cloud Player (Soundcloud alternative) instead and it happens with that too. It's really frustrating to have to unlock my phone, open the app and press play every single time I try to unpause music.