Choppy audio, similar to how CDs used to skip and chop when damaged or unclean

  • 9 January 2019
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Oh man, I actually signed up to complain about this as it has been going on so long now. The stuttering and choppy playback has been getting worse and worse to the point I am no longer having an enjoyable experience listening on headphones any more. I have SoundCloud Go, I pay for this service so I can listen on the commute to work. Nothing I do will sort it. I have cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled, reinstalled, restarting my phone, kept the screen on, reduced background activity, tried listening only on using only WiFi, deleted downloaded files and only streaming. I've done everything I know that I can think of and it only gets worse.

The best way to describe it is how CDs used to skip, pop, and chop when unclean or damage - it is insanely jarring. We're talking 50 to 100 milliseconds of it happening. It doesn't matter the artist or song as it does it on all. But the thing that really gets me is now the regularity of it. I will happen on some tracks as frequently as every 5 to 10 seconds - literally unplayable.

My phone is a Samsung S6 Edge, model SM-G925F.

Come on guys, please sort this out already. Jesus.

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