Cracking popping noise on note 8

  • 19 July 2018
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I'm a go+ subscriber having constant audio pops and cracks while listening to music. It happens on saved offline tracks, it happens while streaming. It happens through headphones, home speakers, and the phones own speaker. I've cleared the cache, the data, deleted the app, restarted the phone, logged out and back in.

The clicks and pops happen very frequently, every 10-20 seconds and they are quite loud and noticeable. I have this vast library of music on soundcloud that I dont want to lose, but I only use soundcloud through my phone, so if this doesnt get fixed, or at least addressed soon, I'm out for some other service.

I see 3 different threads about this problem just on the first page with suggestions to clear the cache, which clearly isnt working. Just be open that this is a known issue, please.

3 replies

Rest in peace, soundcloud.
I am having the same exact issues, and it is now 7 months after you have posted your issue. RIP SoundCloud indeed.
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Hi there @Dr.Anonymouse,

Sorry to hear this is still affecting you. Have you tried to delete the app, restart your phone, then download the app again? If this doesn't help, I highly recommend to join the Beta program to get ahold of the newest builds of the Android app, and submit bug reports so our Android engineering team can take a look.