Crackling sound

Doesn't matter which song, it happens with all of them, used different headphones, full reset the phone it still happens. It even happens more if you close the app while it runs in the background, I don't think it's my internet speed the problem;
I am using Samsung galaxy S8 Oreo by the way.

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Did anyone find a fix for this... seems like this issue has been going on for far too long... pulled my pro membership because of it.
Hi, I've got the same problem with Huawei Y6. Sound is crackling just in headphones, without them it plays normally. It's worse by quiet sound, music time to time stops and starts again and changes the loudness. I tried different headphones and no change. I tried some app working with SoundCloud and from it the sound played normally. I tried to switch off some sound effects in the system, but no change. So it has to be problem by SoundCloud app and using headphones in this kind of Android system - Huawei. I used the app in different phones and without problems. Does anyone know, what to do?