Crackling sounds on XZ1

Sound quality became very poor lately. Tracks sound like I'm listening to a scratched or old dusty vinyl.
I am running the latest app for android and also have the latest system software on my XZ1.
Tried cleaning cache, reinstalling of app.. several times. Tried different headphones. It didn't help.
I only have this problem with soundcloud, even when listening via browser. All other apps are fine.
It's happening on all songs and making the listening experience quiet awful.

Pease fix this, thanks

Best answer by NhofeD 26 July 2018, 08:39

After another installation of the beta the crackling is gone now, thanks
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Anybody knows something about this annoying problem?
I have the same problem on my LG G4. Since the last update I think. It is really annoying and it getting worse by the minute.
Looking at this forum there are quiet a lot of people reporting the same problem. So what's up SC? Can you please keep your users updated on this issue and tell us what's going on and when it will be fixed? Enjoyed SC a lot but this problem is really making me to not listen to tracks on SC anymore due to this annoying sound quality!
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've been having issues with this. Given you've already tried the regular troubleshooting steps (Just in case, have you tried deleting app, restarting your device --> this is the important step, then reinstalling the app?): If the issue remains, please consider joining our Android Beta program here. This way you can send reports straight to our engineers (and hopefully, the current beta already works better for you).

Hope you can soon listen to SoundCloud without any sound issues again.

All the best
Thanks for trying to help, tried again with your reinstallation tip, although it got slightly better the crackling is still there. So I joined beta but even in the beta it's the same issue. This leading me to the conclusion that maybe not the app is the problem but the quality of the stream or used codec, since theses cracklings mainly appear in higher tones, could it be that those are some compression artefacts? Or that the stream is somehow overcompressed?
After another installation of the beta the crackling is gone now, thanks
Marked this thread to early as solved, problem came back even in the beta.
Yeah all that guy does is tell you to reinstall the app or join the beta. He may be a robot
I just noticed this problem on all my tracks. Damaging to my reputation as audiobook narrator and producer. Makes my highly polished work sound amateurish. SoundCloud can tell us to reinstall app or go to beta version, but I can't tell my listeners to do that! I now realize from looking at posts that this has been a recurring problem for years with SoundCloud. Reluctantly, I will have to leave and find alternative hosting for my audio files. Bugger!
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@SpadeWings @NhofeD - team has put some fixes recently - it may help with the issue you are experiencing.
If you wish - you could try updating the app to the latest version and checking if the issue persists.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your time!

Best Regards,
Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at SoundCloud Ltd.