Disabling android push notifications

  • 15 June 2017
  • 4 replies

I have them disabled in the app but continue to get push notifications. Is there somewhere else im supposed to disable them?

4 replies

I too, have ALL notifications turned off, but I'm receiving push notifications on Android. Very annoying!
Has no one responded to this issue?
So... No contact information, no way to directly bug support... This thread is the only, apparently ineffectual, place to point out that Soundcloud keeps spamming me with push notifications despite being disabled in the settings?

Not a very compelling case for keeping the app. I'm a lazy person and could just get used to Soundcloud's weird UI, but actively giving me reminders that the app is problematic is more than I can do.

I paused between paragraphs to download CastBox.
I pointed it out here as well but no useful response. Think I'll join you in uninstalling the app, at least until someone slaps whichever product manager thought these annoying notifications were a good idea.