Errors in Playing through Mobile Application

All tracks played through the Soundcloud mobile app are distorted. These errors have been occurring for the past month. I have tried troubleshooting.

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Try reinstalling the app
Tried multiple times on different dates
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hey there, which tracks are you playing in the app if they are your own uploads try reuploading them again and also which android version are you on as they maybe updates with the software.

If you can provide me the link of tracks with errors I can check it also

As I said in the post, the problem occurs through any track played. The android app is for Galaxy S8+ and I've found the problem through multiple software updates.
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So I have been checking out other websites and forums with similar issues and from what I gather it could be a hardware issue as many other users with Galaxy S8 Plus also have the same issue with noise and distortion.

You can try to factory reset the phone through settings which usually resolves any issues with the phone overall. If the problem still persists, then take it to a Samsung Service Centre where they can properly see what the issue is.
Thank you