How do i change the size of the mobile audio cache on android?

  • 20 February 2015
  • 79 replies

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If you add a parameter in order to choose the Mb size of the cache, that could be great !
Like a lot of users, I used to listen my music with datas, but on the subway, I cannot hear more than 3 songs... Before, my full playlist was in cache 😕
Baffling that the 2 year old version of your app that I'm now running offers such a massive improvement in user experience.
The assertion that it was OK to remove caching because the app was smooth enough without is utter nonsense. I've used the soundcloud app across 5 different devices and countless updates since 2014 and today was literally the first time it's been bug and stutter free.
Ok so when i said b4 about having a paid version i never thought it would happen (not taking credit). SoundCloud Go. thanks i guess. It seems to address caching 'issue'.

So, I'd say this thread needs a reboot.