How do i change the size of the mobile audio cache on android?

  • 20 February 2015
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I need to find a previuos version of Soundcloud app for Android and disable all the software updates ..
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Hi Guys, what Mathis is trying to say in a polite way, is that that feature that all Soundcloud users liked best, the possibility of cache streaming, it does not exist anymore. That's very bad, this way you can only listen to the mixes or podcasts or whatever, only if you are connected online. THERE IS NO OFFLINE CACHE STREAMING ANYMORE!!!! It started just like SPCE said, with taking out the option of sizing the cache memory; I remember having it very high 100%, so I could store hours of music and playing back when I was in No-wifi zones. This only makes it very clear on how Soundcloud wants to procede on this confrontation between the free access to the information and shared music and the big corporations. What is very unfortunate in this picture is that this is advantaging only the Telecom networks and providers and goes against the free access to music info's and sharing, that once it use to represent and defend, what they once stand tall against. Shame on you ... The ones who forget where they came from, are doomed to vanish just like their short memories ...
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The caching on previous versions of the app is not a feature of the current app. It was only available to deliver content quicker to the user and allowing a more streamlined experience. Our mobile engineers have since improved the technical capabilities and therefore limited its capacity.

I hope that clears that up for you.