how do i shuffle my likes in the app and on a desktop?

  • 21 August 2019
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Just trying to shuffle my likes through the app and on my desktop.


1 reply

There are a couple of different ways to shuffle likes through the application and a slew of ways on the desktop.
I will deal with the mobile shuffle...

Mobile application:

From the library tab; open LIKES > there is a shuffle button at the top that will shuffle your entire liked library.
*Soundcloud has added a search box here that actually functions pretty well. you can search by song or keywords. if you search by song and then clear the search results it will drop you into your likes list at the first song shown in the results. This is kinda handy when your likes get deep. You can also search/play/shuffle the results that are given.

If you want to shuffle only more recent likes - from the Profile tab, scroll down to your likes.
View all likes > Likes(and reposts) from the profile screen load in "pages" , for every "page load" those songs are added to the que. So if I have scrolled down through three "loads" the last song in the load will be the last song in the que. Play the first song song and then open your que from the now playing screen. initiating the shuffle button will randomize the songs that you loaded from the likes.

I have run into an issue with the shuffle from the Likes in the library tab. it seems to only load around 100 or so songs and then starts auto play. It seems like this might have been fixed but I haven't really looked into it again