How to make SC default music service for Pixel 2xL

  • 5 October 2018
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SpacLan hurr! Might totally be missing something on the message boards and help center, but I'm trying to make SoundCloud my default music provider for my new Google Pixel 2xL.

How do I make SC my "Default Music Service" on my Google Pixel 2 xL 64gb (fully updated running Android Pie v9 and Google assistant red v8.22.11.21.arm64)?

Admittedly, I'm new to Android and it might totally be a user error, but I never had a problem on my iPhone 6s with the SC Go app. The problem is that when I turn my car off SC stops playing (as expected) but when I turn the car back on not only does my BT not reconnect like it did with he iPhone but SC doesnt start playing again (probably an issue with the pixel and not with SC) I read tho that I can fix this issue by making SC my "default music player for Google assistant" but even tho I have SC app installed on the phone it's not showing up in my list of apps choosable to make default (next to Pandora and Spotify which are options to select). In the attachments I've sent there is a photo of the menu as it is shown on my pixel. I love SC and have spent countless hours (including the trip to Michigan for Electric Forest '18 from Austin, TX, 14 days working Forest, and the trip back) grooming my stations and profile to give me the wobbleist, banginist SpaceLan SC and I really don't (and won't) want to switch to some bs that's not gonna have the underground artists I live and love. Halp! If you cant, I'll try to petition Google for their help as I'm sure it's probs a problem with the phone. I guess I'm just hoping you guys know the trick before I get into a big game of email tag with Google Tech support. Word. Thanks frands.

PS in the second photo there is an option like looks like a box that I should be able to click on labeled "other music services" but you can't click in does nothing. In the text it claims you can ask the Google assistant to use any other music service which I can do but it doesn't add it as the default. It just opens it if I say, "ok Google, open SoundCloud" which works well enough but the goal of all of this is to be able to get in my car and say "hey Google, let's cruise" which will autoconnect the phone to my car BT sync service and to open SoundCloud and start playing my playlist. Lol ridiculous I know but it definitely works with other apps just not SoundCloud....yet. preesh

SpaceLan out

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