I can not login in my mobile device.

  • 25 April 2018
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I can login in WEB interface of soundcloud, but I can not login in my mobile device.

Error Message:
We couldn't sign you in. Sure you have the right email and password?

5 replies

same is my case... i don't know what to do now
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this. Can you try and delete the app, restart your phone, then reinstall for a fresh start? Hopefully, this will sort out any glitches from before.


I have the same problem. Samsung J7 and i log in by my facebook account. It gives me the same problem.
I have deleted the app, restarted the phone and resinstalled the app. It didn't work. How can I fix it ?
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Hi Hani,

Sorry to hear that? Is the SoundCloud app up to the most current version? Can you sign in on a computer web browser? Do you have a valid email & password on the account and can try these credentials instead of the Facebook integration? Let us know how it went.
Yes it is last version . On the web yes i can sign in with my facebook account. On the mobile, neither my gmail account nor my facebook integration worked. i had to create a new email and password for registering in sound cloud. Now it works but it was annoying i am sorry to say.