I cant install SoundCloud

  • 5 September 2019
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Hello , whatsup?

I need your help. Lately, Soundcloud doesnt work as it should do. So many errors appear almost everytime, for example when i type something in the search bar, and i click to search button, soundcloud doesnt respond.It does like at the third time. I dont use to send help maild, thats why im so bad at writing one XD), but with what happened today, ive decided to do this. Today i was a bit tired of the errors, so I went to Play Store to see if i could update this to a new version, but searching over searching, among the lot of results that Play Store found, the SoundCloud didnt appear nowhere. Ok so, then, I searched it to Google Chrome, to see if there was a trace of it (a bit hopeless btw), and surprisingly, there was! I entered to the web. I clicked Listen In The App, and finally Play Store could open it, but instead of the install button, i saw a strange message sayig "this app is no longer compatible with your device". So, i tried to uninstall it, but once it was desisntalled, i had no chance to install it back. Im writing it from a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab E . Android. I would appreciate your act of replying me! and understanding my terrible english hehe.

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