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  • 23 January 2019
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We have been running a Beta programme for our Android app for several years through a Google+ community, which are now being closed down by Google after they dropped support for Google+.

As a beta user, you will be given early access to some of our latest features in exchange for providing the development team with early feedback of any bugs or crashes. You can send in crash or bug reports directly from the app.

When posting issues in this community, it would really help our support team if you would let us know if you are a beta tester.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for Android, please follow this link:

10 replies

I downloaded the test app and continue to have crackling noise in our posted songs. I have a number of SoundCloud pages and I'm paying a premium for a number of them as well. Then when I share the music through SoundCloud with others they tell me that my music has background noise in it as though we recorded it that way... this is very disappointing and has been going on for way too long... a tech company like SoundCloud should be able to correct this very quickly.

Sadly sadly we are going to have to consider other venues for our music and we are spending currently hundreds of dollars a year here with SoundCloud!
If you are unable to play any tracks on SoundCloud, please follow the steps below:

  1. Try refreshing the page.
  2. Disable any extensions or ad-blocking plugins that could be blocking SoundCloud from working properly and add to the exceptions list in the plug-in settings of your browser.

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I experience this issue with every single song I listen to. I have an galaxy s8. Ditching the app until this gigantic issue is fixed. Signed up for the beta version with no change to any of the songs or any improvement in quality. Really sucks for all android users trying to enjoy/ release music
I'm on the S9+ just downloaded the beta and still getting the same cracks and pops on every track. Doesn't happen on YouTube, Google play music, Spotify etc. Only Soundcloud, I notice it becomes more prominent if i close the app and leave it running in the background while playing music still. So bad, im about to give up.
Same here, very annoying cracking noise on my galaxy S9 no matter if I use it with cable or bluetooth
Please fix asap.
June 7th 2019

The cracks and pops. Everyone is talking about it. Please fix it SoundCloud. I've had to switch to using Spotify when listening on my phone, which I hate doing because honestly, Spotify is fuckin terrible. But I have no choice when the only thing I can hear when using SoundCloud on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ is this constant crackling and popping sound. This is not an isolated issue, obviously. This has been happening for a little over 6 months for me now. Probably since November or December of 2018. Its really annoying. Also around the same time, songs quit loading as fast and would sometimes pause a few times to buffer in the middle of the song. I know its not just my phone, its not my internet connection, its not the song. Its something on SoundClouds end. Another thing: I used to be able to play a few songs, then leave any sort of internet connection, and continue replaying those same few songs over and over, without any connection. And it was great, this probably wasn't supposed to be happening in the first place but it was still really nice. And it stopped happening around the same time as the other issues, sometime at the end of 2018. Please figure something out.

Thanks for probably never reading this.
After downloading the beta app I noticed no difference in crackling. I am using a Galaxy Note 8 and this is happening on every track I've played on the app, as well as the soundcloud web player. I have no issues on other streaming services.
Hey I need a refund.
Just downloaded the beta, I'm still getting cracking with my galaxy s8 but does seem to be less frequent. I'm sure you guys are doing whatever you can as I wait patiently for this to be solved
Can someone please tell me where I can find the changelog for the beta app? Thanks