IOS seeking time in track, bug. (Re installed, did nothing)

Hello! So I've been encountering a weird bug for a while now. On ever single track when I start the song (On IOS, LG V40) the music time (orange bar thing) will always be at the end of the song. However it will show the correct time of the song and it will play fine, but the only way to seek to a different part in the song is to drag to the right, technically backwards, away from the end of the song and to what you can only guess is the spot you're looking for. I know it's supposed to slowly cruise along the orange bar as the song progresses but I'm just stuck at the end visually.

Here is what I mean when it is stuck at the end. It will be like this for the entirety of the song but say the correct time at the end (this being 5 seconds into the song).

This is after dragging backwards to technically reverse the song from the end point I am stuck at.

But yeah. The songs play fine for the most part, but the whole interface here is very bizarre all of the sudden.

Has anyone else had this happen? Hope there is a fix, perhaps I did something silly, haha.

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