Is there an ETA on mobile messaging capabilities?

  • 31 December 2019
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Hey guys, any word on when messaging will be brought back into the mobile SC app?

I really feel that it’s been hampering connections between artists and listeners. Sure us artists are willing to do the clunky and realistically unnecessary and rather ridiculous workaround to view messages in a mobile browser. But how many listeners are going to do that? How many listeners know they even have messages in their inbox? There’s tons of listeners who I’m sure don’t even use Soundcloud on a desktop.

I really think you’re creating a rift between listeners and artists by disallowing mobile messaging.

It was previously a feature years ago and was taken out during the app revamp, and I’ve been hoping for it to come back.

If there’s no easy way for legitimate connections to take place, why not remove comments too? Actually, why not just close down and let everybody move to spotify?

Because that’s what Spotify is; a cold, impersonal music streamer service. No connections, no personal touch.

I have found numerous threads asking for this feature but we haven’t heard anything other than “it might be a thing in the future.”

What’s the hold up, guys?



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