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I'm new to soundcloud. Just have a few questions

What is Soundcloud Go+ and Soundcloud Pro? And do you have to pay for both

And why are some features only available on desktop and not mobile such as embedding and adding/updating profile information

And I notice when I add songs to my playlists some of them have preview and don't play the whole song

And is this forum active? Cuz if not I want a live support person not a forum

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Hi Babylicious,

1. Yes, this community is active. Many questions can be answered by other Community members, and the moderators are trying to help as much as possible, too.
2. Our Help Center provides answers for many questions already, and if you have a question or issue that requires for someone from our support team to assist, you can file a ticket from specific articles on the Help Center.
3. Aligning all features on all platforms is a constant challenge for our engineers, but we're forwarding feedback to the teams as often as possible. If you're a creator, be sure to download the SoundCloud Pulse app for Android or iOS for insights into stats and basic editing features.
4. SoundCloud Go+ is for listeners, SoundCloud Pro is for creators. That is the short answer. More info and pricing for both types of subscriptions can be found here:
and here

Or, you can remain on a free account and still make use of a wide range of features. :)

Hope this helps for starters.

And why is some features only available on desktop such as embedding and updating profile information and not on mobile?

And I notice when I add songs to my playlists that some songs only play half and not the whole song?

Will I still be able to keep a free account and still have access to all the features
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Hi again,

SoundCloud initially existed on desktop only. The apps came at a later stage, and our mobile engineers tried to build a seamless experience that suits a mobile experience and provides a core set of features. Given Android and iOS have individual backend technologies, this is often challenging for the teams. Like I said previously, if you're a creator on SoundCloud, downloading and installing the SoundCloud Pulse app will ensure that you have access to all the features we can currently provide on mobile devices.

If you're hearing snippets rather then full songs, then this is because the uploading artist, or their label or distributor have decided to offer this content to SoundCloud Go+ subscribers exclusively. You can stay on the free account and continue using SoundCloud free of charge.

The features you cannot use are, meaning the additional features you would get if you upgraded are outlined on the pages I mentioned in my initial reply for SoundCloud Pro / Pro Unlimited and SoundCloud Go / Go+.