Issues with Device Limit

  • 6 August 2018
  • 2 replies

Hey Soundclouders,
Hope you're well :)

I'm trying to login to the Soundcloud app on my android device, but I'm getting a persistent error message saying I've reached my limit of 10 devices.
I've reset my device count twice, and have also tweaked a few other settings such as resetting my password etc. but am still getting the same error message.
I have no issues signing in on a desktop or laptop, seems like it's just my mobile device.

Any advice/help would be appreciated!

2 replies

I've had that same error. I did everything as well like you stated above. I could not get it fixed so I left it alone for a couple of days(mostly because I was mad that I could not get it to work,) so I used a application called YMusic. It's free, I really don't know just leave it alone for a couple of days, and see what happenes. For now just use the application YMusic you can listen to music out of the application as well!

YMusic download
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Hey there to the both of you,

Sorry to hear about the troubles. I've looked into this for you and you should be all set now.

Happy SoundClouding