listening to soundcloud in the car -music switches between left and right speaker

  • 8 November 2017
  • 2 replies

i am interested in paying for soundcloud. but the problem i have is when i connect my aux cable to my samsung galaxy 6 phone , the music only comes out 1 speaker. its the left, centre or right one. and sometimes it comes out the left speaker then switches to the right speaker. is this a soundcloud problem or a samsung galaxy 6 problem. because when i play a cd in the car the music comes through all the speakers at the same time. radio too.

2 replies

Nearly same problem over here: car only plays left audio when connected to Soundcloud. Other platforms play stereo.
Hi Paul see. Just want to say after a few days the sound came out of all the speakers equally at the same time. Just keep playing sound cloud and it will eventually sort itself out!