Managing my account on mobile phone

  • 4 February 2019
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IT is impossible to manage my account with the only tech I have is a mobile phone.
I am so so so frustrated. All I want is to be able to listen to my favourites. Each month I loose the facility to listen off line most of the 350 odd favourites. Downloaded tracks loose their downloaded status. All I want is to speak with someone from the company to sort out the problems but it seems everything is remote or managed by a complex help menu, not a person to speak to. Have come here to see if can get any joy ??? Is any body out there ???

2 replies

Hello Carrie. Have been in touch with Carl via email. Please see below.

Hello Carl.

HTC One M8 with Android OS.

Have made your checks, all order.
Using Wi-Fi to save for offline listening. Saving likes only. No playlists.
All I need is to like, download and listen.
So, so, very simple and yet it only happens in small doses here. Maybe Soundcloud is more for originators. The only reason I persevere is I'm deep into my likes and I don't want to have to start all over again somewhere else.
My account started 8 December 2018 after 1 month free trial.
When Soundcloud works, I have all likes downloaded 💛 and I'm happy playing away and don't have to think about it and adding more likes 💛 is so easy with turning hearts orange 💛
When it doesn't work everything that did work doesn't any longer and it's a world of pain cos I can't get my music. Three times this has happened now and everytime it's the same. Curiously it is usually approaching the 8th of the month when the glitch starts also when my account started.
My💛lovely 💛orange💛 downloads💛revert to a combination of grey preparing for download or grey not available or grey 30 second preview and life is grey and winter is coming.
Gradually day by day the situation improves, the previews and not availables turn into awaiting downloads, gradually there is hope. As I write everything is awaiting download.
I don't want this to happen every month, life is too short to be dangling on a Soundcloud string.



I'm a Go+ subscriber and have plenty of space.
I like to keep things simple, Soundcloud is not helping with that so far.
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Hi @Nigel Page - thanks for getting in touch. To confirm, are you a Go subscriber using the Android app and downloading content which is being removed from your device? Does the icon change from 'Downloaded' to some other status? Can you check the 'app info' for SoundCloud and see how much space it is taking up on your device?

To help us identify the issue, I suggest you join our Beta program where you can send us a bug report directly when this happens. The reports will contain logs from your device, but please also mention in the email the issue you are experiencing.