Music crackling and popping

When listening to music on the mobile app on my pixel I can hear crackling and popping noises at first I thought maybe it was my headphones cutting out but I turned down the headphones as well as changed the battery andam still having the issue. I don't get the crackling on any other app but I get it with any song I listen to on SoundCloud.

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Same. I tried everything and eventually gave up. I'm hoping they fix it soon, because it sucks to have paid a subscription for piss poor audio.
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Hi there,

Can you elaborate on "tried everything" please? First of all, I'd recommend to delete the app, restart your phone, then download it again.

Also, please try and see if it makes a difference whether you're listening over headphones or the phone's speaker.

Let us know how it went.

This issue hasn't been fixed for years. 😞
Hey guys, running soundcloud on google, windows vista, toshiba satellite laptop, getting constant (and i mean constant, literally every couple of seconds)pops and cracks.
What gives?
More to the point, given how many complaints there are about it, why hasn't it been fixed?
All other video/audio based apps I run on this computer run pretty much perfectly.
@Little_saurkraut @Hunter Jeffus @armelle and nymira - team has put some fixes recently and it may help with the issue you were experiencing.
If you wish - you could try with the latest version and let us know if you still experience the same issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your time!

Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at Soundcloud Ltd.
Hey Mathis,

Ive seen you on other posts and didnt help at all. you guys need to do your jobs and fix the crackling noise. if you dont know what crackling is then you should probably lose your job. have you not been checking others post on YOUR forums. your app is still running so why arent you fixing anything. for a music app this is unexceptable especially when this has been happening for years. please do your damn jobs because i want to listen to peoples music on a MUSIC app with NO CRACKLING. I also thought it was my aux cable and almost ended buying a new one but i found out it was your app. now its your time to fix this crap... and you should probably do it quick because every other app can do it.

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Just wanted to bump this thread as I am experiencing crackling and popping during audio playback solely in the soundcloud app on my galaxy s9+. The issue happens both on speakers and on headphones. An immediate pop/crackle can be heard if you change the volume up or down, however it will randomly happen all on its own from time to time, occasionally in somewhat of a small rhythmic pattern. I have tested extensively with audio playback in my other apps (poweramp, and youtube) and have zero pop or crackle issues, so its just the soundcloud app giving me trouble. I've tried a reboot (this makes it less persistent for ~10-20 mins), clearing app cache and app data, and completely reinstalling the app. None of this has solved the issue so here I am. It's definitely a software issue on soundclouds end and should be tested in house on some employee devices, i bet you could recreate it fairly easyily.
I myself am also experiencing crackling and random pops. It never did this before, it came about after your most recent update just a few weeks ago. I'm a DJ and use it very often to upload and find new tracks I like. So it sucks to not be able to use it.

I have tried uninstalling numerous times, along with uninstalling, then restarting my phone and reinstalling... no success in solving the problem.