Music crackling and popping

When listening to music on the mobile app on my pixel I can hear crackling and popping noises at first I thought maybe it was my headphones cutting out but I turned down the headphones as well as changed the battery andam still having the issue. I don't get the crackling on any other app but I get it with any song I listen to on SoundCloud.

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Same. I tried everything and eventually gave up. I'm hoping they fix it soon, because it sucks to have paid a subscription for piss poor audio.
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Hi there,

Can you elaborate on "tried everything" please? First of all, I'd recommend to delete the app, restart your phone, then download it again.

Also, please try and see if it makes a difference whether you're listening over headphones or the phone's speaker.

Let us know how it went.

This issue hasn't been fixed for years. 😞
Hey guys, running soundcloud on google, windows vista, toshiba satellite laptop, getting constant (and i mean constant, literally every couple of seconds)pops and cracks.
What gives?
More to the point, given how many complaints there are about it, why hasn't it been fixed?
All other video/audio based apps I run on this computer run pretty much perfectly.
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@Little_saurkraut @Hunter Jeffus @armelle and nymira - team has put some fixes recently and it may help with the issue you were experiencing.
If you wish - you could try with the latest version and let us know if you still experience the same issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your time!

Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at Soundcloud Ltd.
Hey Mathis,

Ive seen you on other posts and didnt help at all. you guys need to do your jobs and fix the crackling noise. if you dont know what crackling is then you should probably lose your job. have you not been checking others post on YOUR forums. your app is still running so why arent you fixing anything. for a music app this is unexceptable especially when this has been happening for years. please do your damn jobs because i want to listen to peoples music on a MUSIC app with NO CRACKLING. I also thought it was my aux cable and almost ended buying a new one but i found out it was your app. now its your time to fix this crap... and you should probably do it quick because every other app can do it.

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Just wanted to bump this thread as I am experiencing crackling and popping during audio playback solely in the soundcloud app on my galaxy s9+. The issue happens both on speakers and on headphones. An immediate pop/crackle can be heard if you change the volume up or down, however it will randomly happen all on its own from time to time, occasionally in somewhat of a small rhythmic pattern. I have tested extensively with audio playback in my other apps (poweramp, and youtube) and have zero pop or crackle issues, so its just the soundcloud app giving me trouble. I've tried a reboot (this makes it less persistent for ~10-20 mins), clearing app cache and app data, and completely reinstalling the app. None of this has solved the issue so here I am. It's definitely a software issue on soundclouds end and should be tested in house on some employee devices, i bet you could recreate it fairly easyily.
I myself am also experiencing crackling and random pops. It never did this before, it came about after your most recent update just a few weeks ago. I'm a DJ and use it very often to upload and find new tracks I like. So it sucks to not be able to use it.

I have tried uninstalling numerous times, along with uninstalling, then restarting my phone and reinstalling... no success in solving the problem.
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@Mythras @Josh Klyn @Rìain @Little_saurkraut
Just wanted to share the update on the progress. We shipped experimental fix to our beta users (fix is available starting from the version 2019.04.24-beta). It would be great if you could try joining our beta group - to test it before we ship it to the whole user base.
To join our beta community:

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Best Regards,
Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at SoundCloud
Hi @Milos Pesic.

I've also been experiencing this bug for years. It has forced me to use third party apps for the longest of time but their quality has really started to deteriorate in every respect except audio quality.

A while ago I went through my phone to figure out if this problem was isolated to my own setup. I have a OnePlus One, running the original android Marshmallow (the last OTA update). I've not done anything to it beyond that.

I did notice that SC uses GStreamer for playback and I concluded then that whatever audio sink was being used was just broken in some regard and I couldn't fix that without having the SC app source + recompiling it.

One thing I have noticed, and this might be a business decision at this point, is that SC has never worked with system equalizers. The built-in MaXX Audio eq which comes with the OnePlus One works on every app except SC. I also tried rooting my phone and adding a custom equalizer from XDA and that also had no effect. My conclusion here is that you use software only audio playback, as these features tend to come into play when I enable hardware decoding in other apps (e.g. MX Player)

I did try the Beta version as you suggested above, and after playing a few songs I can confirm the crackling is still there. It happens on Headphones, system speakers, and Bluetooth playback. It also happens on in-app downloaded tracks (the GO feature).

I can't really figure out how to describe it in a more technical way than crackling. My best guess would be some buffer underrun. It sounds like a very feint CD scratch, but without the music itself skipping in time.

I would love to help debug this issue further. It really sucks having to use third party apps to download mixes for long journeys when I'm already paying for GO+. I'm not quite an Android developer but I can figure out anything you need me to test.

I sometimes get a lot crackling noise with Firefox on Linux:
@Mythras @Josh Klyn @Rìain @Little_saurkraut
Just wanted to share the update on the progress. We shipped experimental fix to our beta users (fix is available starting from the version 2019.04.24-beta). It would be great if you could try joining our beta group - to test it before we ship it to the whole user base.
To join our beta community:
Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Best Regards,
Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at SoundCloud

Milos, today, using your default Soundcloud app on a Galaxy s8 with bluetooth headphones, I noticed significant amounts of crackles and pops. At first I thought the artists put the crackles and pops in (the pops and crackles are physically painful when they occur), but it kept happening. I do not have it happen when I listen to music via Samsung music, so I definitely know it's the Soundcloud app. Please fix it, as it is dangerous for ears to be subjected to random audio crackles and pops.
@Milos Pesic I have the same issue everyone else is reporting. My phone is the Galaxy S8 with the latest OTA update from AT&T (Android software and Samsung firmware). I was using the latest public update (and the one before that which I updated from(which had the issue)) then switched to the beta version, and still have the crackling and popping sound. It's so bad, I really can't listen to anything. This is quite disturbing to me as I've been using SoundCloud on my PC and phone app over the past six years and have never had anything close to this. I just don't get it honestly, it's 2019 and how is this such an issue (or is it)? I mean the only logical explanation would be that this is a ploy to upgrade to the paid version, which I'm sad to say I would do if that would fix it. The latter is me being facetious. Please fix this soon. The issue here is of paramount importance to SoundCloud itself. It's a big deal.
I have an S8, just started experiencing this. It's terrible, and made me think my podcast mixing sucks, but no, it's just the app. Played fine on my iPhone 4 Bose speaker combo tho... Thought I was going crazy!
A year later and the problem still persists. Flat out embarrassing @SoundCloud Community Support
SoundCloud fix this ASAP! I am a producer and DJ! And i put up dj mixes and my own orginal songs frequently! I pay 20 dollars a month for this premium ...well what you call premium service!!!!....but the sound quality is horrible on my s8+ ..but not my Iphone! It's discouraging me from uploading any new mixes ... as many users..will just stop listening to my mixes.. if this keeps up! For now i am cancelling my $20 per month plan until this is resolved! No new tracks are going on your service ... i am switching to MixBank!! And may never comeback to your service again! Fix this asap..!! You are loosing many existing and new clients! I even tried to upload uncompresed WAV format...which is the format you recommend@Milos Pesic and still same issues! What ever your algorithm is doing to compress the playback for less bandwidth load ... is costing you money! You need to invest into more space for your client base and ease off your compression tech which is garbage and remove or modify that code to step down the track less! Do that and you will fix this problem which potentially overtime will cost you millions!
I have the same issues described by everyone above. Music streams fine from my computer, but on my phone it's garbage filled with pops and crackles that make all songs unlistenable. This happens whether I am using the app or the Soundcloud website. It does not happen with any other music app or website on this phone - Soundcloud is the only constant to this problem. FWIW, I am using a Galaxy Note 8.
Also using Galaxy note 8. Horrible cracking noise. I pay monthly for this garbage too. I can't recommend this anymore. No excuse for this in 2019. My Walkman in the 90's had better sound quality.
Also, I love how the advertisements have perfectly clear sound. Hahahah.
Yep.. I'm having the same crackling problem. I have a Samsung S8, and I've noticed that everyone above me with the same problem has an android as well. Soundcloud Ima need yall to fix this please. I use this platform to share music that I produce but its literally impossible showing someone a song on my phone that I made when it crackles every 5 seconds. Sounds terrible smh.. please fix
Not only is this problem not fixed, but it's worse than ever. This app is an abomination. Why would you expect people to pay for this service if you can't get it to work properly after more than a year?
I'm also experiencing this issue on a Galaxy S7. Just started using SoundCloud and immediately ran into this issue. Any update from SoundCloud?