Music not resumed after receiving audio focus again

  • 14 March 2018
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So basically if SoundCloud is up and running and you are listening to some fancy song and then use the google assistant, to do whatever, the music is paused. When the dialog with the google assistant is finished, SoundCloud does not resume the music. I think this has something to do with how SoundCloud manages the loss of audio focus. I don't think this is working as intended?

Tested this on Google Pixel 1 and some Nexus phone.

Steps to reproduce:
- Listen to SoundCloud
- Start Google Assistant
- Wait for Google Assistant to finish

- Song is not resuming

3 replies

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Hi @Chrylo, @fanello123, @Mathis

You're totally right - it's related to audio focus loss and regain when using the Google assistant. We're already working on a fix so please bear with us and hopefully we can get it out to you soon.
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@Carrie Hall can you shed some light on this maybe?
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Having the same problem. Please fix!!!