Music stops and app closes itself on android

  • 10 February 2018
  • 7 replies

I have had this problem forever where whenever my android phone would lock/sleep, my music stops and the app closes itself. Now don't say "uninstall, restart, and reinstall" that didn't work and never will. It's quite annoying when you're jamming and suddenly dead silence and you have to wake up your phone, reopen the app, and start your music again.

7 replies

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Hi there Noble Ezuno,

Hmm, not entirely sure how to tackle this one. Are you using an old phone and / or operating system by any chance? When I tested w/ an Android phone here with Android Oreo, this was not an issue, so I'm wondering if this can be an aspect.
I'm using a ZTE Zfive, I do not know how recent it is and my android version is 6.0.1, not sure if it helps much.
I can verify this issue.
It doesn't happen to me every time, maybe one out of 10. It also sometimes happens at random, it just stops playing. It will also happen about 1 out of every 5 times when I'm driving and connected via Bluetooth.

I haven't gotten this to reproduce consistently yet, so i haven't logged a separate issue. So i figured I'd jump in here...
@Noble EzunoDid you solve your problem?
I have the exact same issue. It drives me mad!!
It happens every single time I open the app!!
I have a Huawei P9 lite and have the same issue. App sometimes close randomly without any sign our failure message. It's set on in the battery options to do not close this app from background.
not from me:

After some investigation I have found the resolution, if anyone needed it in the future.
The issue is happening to me for all music apps and it is cutting out because Google Chrome is closing with the screen lock. I'm not sure how the two are related, but after changing the Chrome app settings I'm no longer having the issue.
Here is what I did on my Huawei, but I'm sure it will be similar across Android devices.

Settings > Apps > Chrome > Battery > Slide "Close after screen locked" off
I am currently on androind version 8 and have had this issue for a long while, at least since version 6 when they introduced app power management. SoundCloud would close and disappear if I pressed pause for more than a few seconds, played any other media with sound, or received a phone call.

My steps to solve this is to disable "Optimize Battery Usage" for SoundCloud.

Settings->Apps->SoundCloud->Battery->Optimize Battery Usage->(Select all apps from the drop-down at the top)->(Scroll down to SoundCloud and make sure the button on the right is not active)

Thats it! Won't close without me closing it anymore.