Need Help Using Soundcloud On Android

  • 2 September 2017
  • 6 replies

Hi. I'm new to soundcloud and just recently made an account. When I go to my profile page I don't see an edit option to edit my information such as my profile url bio and and so on. I'm using a tablet by the way? Is that the reason?

Thank you

6 replies

SoundCloud is fuckin retarded on mobile. U need a deskstop to do basic things. Like editing,adding and even deleting
Are you serious. That's mad wack
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Hi there,

The mobile app does indeed only offer basic tools to edit your profile. If you're uploading tracks to your account, you can use our SoundCloud Pulse app to edit these tracks. In order to adjust your artworks etc., you'll have to use a computer web browser at this point though.

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Yes but on my tablet when I go to the app i don't see that option to edit my profile. And im using a tablet. Is it the same thing?