Next song takes a long time to start with screen off

  • 12 June 2018
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I recently got a new, unused Samsung Galaxy S7 from AT&T, and quickly noticed that when playing music on Soundcloud with the device's screen off, it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes for the next song (or ad) to begin to play unless I hit the lock button to turn the screen on, upon which it instantly continues to the next song. Here's what I have tried so far:
  • I have no third-party "optimization" apps and have explicitly whitelisted the Soundcloud app from all of the S7's battery saving and data saving functions that I was able to find in its menus.
  • I have tried clearing the cache and data and that had no effect. I also uninstalled the Soundcloud app, restarted my device, and then installed the app and logged in again.
  • I've tried the Pandora app to see if it was also affected by this problem, and it was not. Songs started instantly one after another with no other changes to the test conditions.
  • I've installed all available OTA software updates from AT&T.
  • I've tried to stream two songs back-to-back to in an attempt to cache them on the device, then played them again in the same order to see if it maybe it was an issue with network connection. This had no impact on the issue.
  • I have made sure Developer Settings is off in Android.
  • I tried testing on WiFi and on cell data, and the issue is the same on both.
  • I've tried replicating this issue on my old device (Galaxy S4) and the latest version of the Soundcloud app, and tracks play with no significant pauses between them even with the screen off.
I'd like to save trying a factory reset as an absolute last resort, especially seeing as I literally took this phone out of its box brand new a few days ago. The app is also sometimes closing with the "stopped working" message from Android when I try to start a song. This issue really interferes with how I listen to Soundcloud, so any help is greatly appreciated.

5 replies

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Hi @Narwhal,

I've checked in with our Android team about this and they would like to invite you to join our Android Beta program. You can join here. This way you can send log files directly to the engineers.

They are also kindly asking to confirm that the “power saving mode” is indeed turned completely off (the name varies from device to device but it should be something along those lines, and apparently is unique on Samsung devices). I saw you mentioned that you have not enabled any battery saving settings, just wanted to make double plus sure this is taken into consideration.

Thanks & all the best
This looks to have largely resolved itself with the latest OTA software update for the device. The wait time between songs is more consistent with that of my previous device now. I can't say that it's quite as snappy but it no longer warrants any interaction from me to start the next song.