'Not Available' tracks stop playlist from playing songs

  • 26 August 2019
  • 4 replies

While playing through my likes in shuffle mode on Android the playlist will completely stop working if it encounters a track that is 'Not Available'.

Even if you manually skip to the next song it is still paused with no way to start the music again.

A similar issue about autoplay has been posted before: https://community.soundcloud.com/android-230073/track-not-available-in-your-country-stops-autoplay-7419554

Hopefully something is in the works to make autoplay work more smoothly with unavailable tracks because right now it's completely broken. Thanks.

4 replies

I am not aware of the "no way to start again", usually pressing play again will kick off the next song.
However, I have the same aggravation. At one point all of theses songs were playable, otherwise they wouldn't have been liked. I understand that artists have control over the media but it seems to be more of a digital rights issue...why no love in 'Merica?
The fact that the playlist stops only enhances the perceived injustice.
I am also hearing that playlists shared with non GO+ users that have GO+ tracks results in the user having to initiate play on every track. That is a crime.

MODERATOR should comment on that last point...
I have to press down on soundcloud in my notification bar until the (i) pops up, then hit force quit. I open up soundcloud again, scroll to the song after 'not available' and it works again.

But this bug or leftover code or whatever is still completely stupid. I can't even remove the song because it doesn't exist anymore in the first place. There should be no 'not available' at all.

Some people want to know what went missing, but this doesn't even tell you which song it was, so it's not even feature, it's pointless.
I also have the same issue. As I have it on shuffle it'll suddenly stop in "not available " and stop the songs from playing. When I try to skip to the next song it still wont play until I go into the shuffle list and select the next song manually. I've uninstalled, cleared cache from both the app and my phone. It's not a matter of the song not being in my country. It just genuinely bugging. And it's been doing this for god knows how long. Can someone at Soundcloud fix this already. I have a Samsung s9+


I am still facing the exact same issue: having a disabled/not available track in my library stips the whole list from playing once that song is reached.

I would like to 'unlike' that song to have it removed from my lib. However, even that is not possible. I cannot get rid of that song and therefore experience the same annoying hanging every time.

How do I remove that 'not available' song from my library??