notification volume ducking on Android

  • 12 August 2016
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I am using app version 2016.08.04-release on Android and I noticed that audio notifications (such as navigation information from Google Maps) do not cause the Soundcloud app volume to decrease immediately. There is a noticeable delay while the music and the notification play at the same volume (~2-3sec). The volume of the app will drop and then it is similarly delayed in being restored after the notification is complete. I believe Soundcloud is the only app on my phone that behaves this way.

6 replies

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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I've seen another report of this very recently and have forwarded your report to our engineers internally. Please make sure to run our Android troubleshooting steps to see if this can already help. If this doesn't help, please consider joining our public beta program to report directly to our mobile developers.

I'm getting the exact same issue. Soundcloud is not well behaved when it comes to audio ducking. Please either fix it, or add a setting to ignore audio ducking.
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HI Joshua and Luc,

Is it possible the ducking problems are mostly caused by the 128 bit Mp3 compression? Maybe use Dither to make the problem less apparent?
The issue looks fixed now.
The issue isn't fixed, at least not in a workable manner IMO.

A week ago I had a long drive from one town to another and I had Waze enabled to give me turn-by-turn directions. I also had SoundCloud playing on my phone along the way.

Now Waze (or any other Nav application) tends to be very chatty when you're in town and there are turns and roundabouts everywhere, so instead of listening to music on my way out, I had to temporarily shut SoundCloud down so that it doesn't drop the volume every 2 or 3 seconds and drive me insane [no pun intended]. It's only when I exited the city that I could turn the music back on and avoid this obnoxious behavior, and even that when Waze wasn't beeping its speed warnings at me.

During my other rides in town - from work and back, I must disable the turn-by-turn guidance completely to actually be able to hear music at all, in which case I either do that (if it's a familiar road) or opt out of using SoundCloud all together, as it isn't worth the effort.

Now here's the thing: I don't have troubles hearing the guidance over the music - at all. Hell, Waze talks through the phone's own speakers while SoundCloud drops the volume on the car's bluetooth - two completely different outputs!! I really don't need or want SoundCloud to silence the music each time the nav application says something, or I'm going slightly over speed, or I have a notification on my phone, or any other reason my phone emits a sound. SoundCloud does a very poor job at handling that anyway, because all this "feature" does for me is distract me and piss me off - something no other player I use appears to do - not PowerAmp, not the player in the car itself...

Please give us a simple checkbox/switch to turn this thing off, as not everybody needs that kind of favors...
Fix the issue, add a setting for it plss im on huawei p10.